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Select Board

Tuesday, January 9, 2024



A Public Hearing will be held on Tuesday, January 9, 2023 at 4:45PM

at the Dennis Town Offices concerning the adoption of fees for the Town,

including but not limited to:

Ambulance/Board of Health/Golf/Harbormaster/Transfer Station.


All interested parties may attend and be heard. Please contact the Select Board office at 508-760-6148 for information on how participate in the hearing or provide comments to the Select Board through

Click the link below to view the Complete FEE Packet

(NOTE: FEE Prices start on Page 23

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Hello friends,


We have been notified that Deluga/Sullivan have filed with MassHousing to move forward on their plan to develop Village Courtyard, LLC. Our understanding is that they have applied for a Project Eligibility Letter (PEL). This is not a construction permit but rather the first step in the process towards getting one. (You can learn more about the PEL process in this presentation.)


As we understand it, the Select Board and all Town Departments submit comments about the project. This is also a time for public comment. The public comments need to be received by Feb. 9, at which point representatives from MassHousing will meet with representatives of the Town of Dennis to have a site visit.


The project is on the agenda for the Select Board Meeting on

1/23/24 at 4:30 pm

at Stone Room in Town Hall and via Zoom.

We need to be as focused and efficient as we can in how we express our opposition to this project. Once we hear the SB comments at the meeting above we will know the next steps to take (letter writing, coordination of public comments, possible attendance at a hearing if one is scheduled, a presence on Feb. 9 in the Village?)


Please plan to attend the meeting on 1/23 in person or via Zoom to hear what Town Officials are thinking. As far as we know, this is the first “unfriendly” 40B the Town has faced. We don’t know for certain what their next steps will be.

Greetings of the Season,

Thanks for your support, 900+ petition signers! It was great to meet so many of you at the Dennis Village Holiday Stroll on December 10th, and special thanks to our core action team for their time and dedication in getting us to this point.

Update on the Village Courtyard project


We learned the developers have chosen to forgo a local initiative program and instead apply for the 40B permits directly to the state. While this makes this an "unfriendly" 40B, the decision was no doubt due to the opposition expressed by residents and local leadership. So thank you for spreading the word and letting the Select Board and developers know how you feel about it!

The next phase for us starts when they apply for a permit to the state, at which point the state notifies the town and a 30-day comment period begins. We will be sure to spread the word as soon as we know that this has happened.


Following that, if the permit is approved, then another timeline starts that could stretch out many months if not a year, including a 6-month public comment period with the zoning board of appeals.

Over the last few months DCRD has been receiving expert advice to help us in our opposition and we will be ready to engage once the formal permitting process begins.


Thank you again for your interest in our efforts to oppose this project and irresponsible housing development in Dennis. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions or concerns at or Dennis Citizens for Responsible Development Facebook page.

Please stay-tuned as wider support will be needed in the New Year.

Dennis Citizens for Responsible Development, PO Box 343, Dennis, MA 02638

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