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As many of you know, the Town of Dennis has changed dramatically over the past 30 or so years. Currently under review by various Town Boards including the Select Board, Planning Board, Board of Health, Community & Economic Development Committee, Zoning Board of Appeals and Zoning By Law Study Committee are policies and regulations that could bring about dramatic, fast tracked changes in the Dennis you love.


Why your involvement COUNTS.

Dennis has a Town Meeting form of government. Traditionally there is an Annual Town Meeting in early May and a 2nd Town meeting in the Fall. All registered voters may attend and vote at the Town Meetings. There is a 5-member elected Select Board with Town elections in early May. The Select Board hires the Town Administrator, sets town policies and goals,, appoints most of the regulatory boards and Committees. The Town Moderator is elected and appoints the Finance Committee. Your vote thereby is the building block upon which a Select Board member determines the stability and future of the Town. Second Home owners are encouraged to inform their neighbors, to express their opinions to Town officials, and reiterate what attributes attracted you that are unique to the township.


It is hoped that this platform will make information readily available to you and others to find details of proposals so that you can have the opportunity to be equally, if not more informed as the proposals are brought to a Town Meeting vote, or a relevant hearing.

Town of Dennis agendas, minutes & videos of board meetings:

Dennis Maps

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