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Town of Dennis Administrator Elizabeth Sullivan


Listing Roster

Christopher Lambton, Chair ...

Paul McCormick Sr. Vice Chair ...

James W. Plath Licensing Chair ...

John Terrio Sr. Clerk ...

Carlyn Carey ... 

Town of Dennis Planning Board

Paul McCormick, Jr. Chair

Jeffery Eldredge Vice Chair

Brad Bishop Member

Richard Hamlin, Member

Christopher Hedetniemi, Member

Elizabeth Patterson, Member

John Terrio, Jr Member

Sally Bickford, Alternate

Adam Dunn, Alternate


Town of Dennis Board of Health

Paul J. Covell Chair

Joseph E. Bunce

Diane T. Chamberlain Clerk

Robert F. Duffy

Chris McCormick


Dennis Community & Economic Development Committee

Greg Stone, Chair

Paula Bacon

Usama El Sehrawey

Michael Patterson

Daniel Chamberlain

Paul McCormick Jr.

Ken VanTassell

Anthony Marzulli

Robert Surrette





Dennis Zoning Board of Appeals

Peter Checkoway, Chair

Mark Carrick, Clerk

James Kyrimes

Aaron Ridley

Eliza Ridley

Gary Barber Alternate

Robert Mackiewicz Alternate

Linda Slowe Alternate

Greg Stone Alternate

Spencer Stone Alternate


Zoning Bylaw Study Committee

Carlyn Carey Chair

Dorria DiManno Vice Chair

Constance Bechard

Kathleen DeMeyer

Henry Kelley

James Krymes

Michael Patterson

William Clark Alternate


All Town Boards and Committees webpage - to view directly

To watch the Boards and Committee meetings

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