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On a very fast track that could be in the final stages of consideration as soon as early summer 2023 is a proposed Chapter 40B multifamily development surrounding the intersection at the corner of Route 6A and Hope Lane in Dennis Village.


The dense development shows 20 two story multifamily units sandwiched between the Paul Sullivan real estate office and the Cape Cod Creamery and up Hope Lane to Encore restaurant on the Cape Playhouse grounds. The plan shows large units consisting of more than 2,200 square feet, each with a one-car garage and one parking space in front of the garage door. The units along Route 6A are 7 ft 7 inches off the 6A lot line. The historic 700 year Old Kings highway legacy of Route 6A across from the Dennis Village Green and the Dennis Union Church would be impacted by the large-scale buildings towering over Route 6A.


The immediate area and intersection is already heavily impacted by lack of adequate parking in the adjacent post office area which then affects access to neighborhoods, Cape Playhouse, Cinema, Museum of Art, Encore restaurant and a heavily traveled way to Corporation Beach as well as Mayflower Beach.

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